Piracy has been a huge problem to mariners since the first ship set sail more than a thousand years ago.  In the past 200 years we have become accustomed to the relative "peace and quite" experienced in shipping here in the northern hemisphere.   Unfortunately piracy remains a huge problem in most of the rest of the under developed world.  If your vessel is sailing through "troubled waters" we will take the utmost care to protect your vessel.  Prior to departure you will have the opportunity to discuses with us the level of response you wish us to undertake in the protection of your vessel.  The levels of response are as follows.

Due diligence:
we will monitor reports from ONI world wide threat to shipping put out by the national geospatial -intelligence agency  post extra watches as the vessel approaches the harbor 
time arrival to minimize time at anchor or approach time in the dark

Low Value Target:  Making your vessel a low value target consists of one or more of the following 
we install temporary lighting from just "abaft the beam" around the perimeter 
fire hose are rigged to spray a continues stream once the vessel enters the high risk area.
Evasive maneuvers are used if vessels close on the boats position 
vessel that continue to  approach and are unresponsive are meet with non leatheral counter measurers including but not limited to 
white flares , smoke , spot and strobe lights , and non lethal pepper balls http://www.pepperball.com/

High Impact :  High impact response is extremely expensive and rarely used generally reserved for special projects. all of the above steps are taken  in addition professional ex military (unites states military exclusively) are placed on the vessel the armed professional will repel even the most determined pirates .  Approaching vessel are warned away with a L>R>A>D> system http://www.atcsd.com/site/content/view/15/30/

Persons not heading the warring are then bombarded with high frequency sound  that is painful but not  parentally damaging.  Persona attempting to pierce the sound barrier can only be considered hostile and will be repelled aggressively